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Basinger Law, PLLC: A Small Firm With Big Ambition

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Basinger Law, PLLC

Trusted Representation

With small town roots and big city ideals, we help clients all across the triangle with a specialized and empathetic approach to their legal matter. 


About Basinger Law, PLLC

Only the Best

Basinger Law is a law firm based in Coats, NC. Working remotely, we serve North Carolina residents across the state in business, intellectual property, power of attorney, expunction, and family law cases. The firm will also take a client's case outside of these matters on a case-by-case basis or can provide a referral to another attorney who best suits the client's needs. At Basinger Law we strive to provide the client with the best counsel and professionalism in meeting the client's unique needs. 

Our Services

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